The Family Who Works Out Together

October 1, 2022

The Family who works out together…

Every family has different strategies when it comes to staying fit. Exercise is a great opportunity to relieve stress, build muscle AND bond with your family. For better or worse, children often mimic their parents’ behaviors. That makes it especially important to set a healthy example when working out. Here are several benefits from exercising as a family:

  1. Feeling supported – Kids who work out with their family feel more supported, especially with exercises that promote a “team mentality”. When everyone is working together for a common goal, it can increase trust and feelings of security.
  2. Improved Body Image – Exploring their capabilities in a safe environment, surrounded by loved ones, is a great way for kids to start feeling more assured in their own skin.
  3. Confidence – Not only does confidence come from a child acknowledging their physical strength, it also comes from being able to work well with others and lead a team. Kids who work out with their family will develop leadership skills that will help them in the backyard AND out in the world.
  4. Team Family – Families who work out together, with that shared common goal, often improve their relationships with each other. Sharing emotions and experiences together will bring the whole family closer.
  5. Greater Reward – A team can always get more done than an individual. So pull the family together and see how much more you can accomplish TOGETHER!