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Sport Court of Massachusetts’ pickleball courts are designed for the whole family to enjoy!

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Discover the latest, trending sport for families; Pickleball.

Sport Court of MA is the leading expert in pickleball court installations in Massachusetts. All Sport Court pickleball courts are built with a patented, high quality, durable court tile designed to provide optimal bounce and shock absorption. This is not only a safer surface, it will also reduce wear and tear on your feet and legs.

The game itself is played on a pickleball court that is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long, about a quarter the size of a regulation tennis court. Players use special paddles and balls, while mimicking the same bounce as a traditional court. Pickleball game courts can be used on our multi-sport game courts as well!

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With over 3,000 courts installed throughout Massachusetts, we have plenty of happy customers!

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"I highly recommend Sport Court of MA.  John is very professional and we love our court!!  The kids enjoy playong on the court - especially at night!  I recommend putting in a light, our kids are on the court all the time!"

Barb | Needham

"As a family, we truly love basketball and we love the court. When our kids get together with friends, they all come over and we know what they are doing. I would absolutely recommend Sport Court of MA. I have had nothing but good experiences with John Campbell and Sport Court of MA."

David | Andover, MA

"The fact that Sport Court is an "all-weather" surface here in New England is what my family and I enjoy most about our Sport Court. We would recommend Sport Court of MA - our court is built with quality products. Our terrain was more challenging than most due to slope and ledge issues, but John Campbell and his experienced team were flexible and creative in solving them. Given a short deadline to complete the court, we were impressed by how hard they worked to meet it."

Frank | Gloucester, MA