Benefits of Backyard Sport Courts

October 30, 2022

Remember when you were young and all your friends would come over and play ball in your yard or driveway? Whether it was an organized game or just a “pick up” game, it is how so many of us grew up with friends and neighbors gathering to play sports. We seem to have gotten away from that lifestyle and rely heavily on structured and scheduled sports for ourselves and our children. That is where Sport Court Massachusetts comes in. Having a Sport Court installed in your backyard creates the opportunity to get regular exercise and socialize with friends and family at the same time.

Why should you consider a Sport Court? Here are a few reasons why. . .

  • Multi-sport courts are a safe and fun environment that allows for all types of play including: roller hockey, basketball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, futsal and many more.
  • Backyard Sport Courts are low maintenance and will last for years and years.
  • Backyard Sport Courts create an outdoor lifestyle for you and your family. Sport Courts draw your kids away from video games and encourages them to get outside with their friends and neighbors.
  • Having a backyard Sport Court will benefit you and your family’s health from your heart to your bones and muscles.
  • Sport Court has been designing and building backyard courts since 1974, so we know how to turn your backyard into a sharp looking sports area.
  • Our product has a limited 15 year warranty that means years of outdoor activity.
  • Most homeowners have only one regret with installing a backyard Sports Court – that they didn’t do it sooner!!