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Live in luxury spaces, play on luxury surfaces.

Home is where the court is

Home is where the court is

For over 25 years, builders and property managers alike have trusted us to create the athletic space of their residents’ dreams. Provide the families that call your condos home with the luxury they deserve by installing a state of the art Sport Court today! Increase your residency’s appeal with aesthetically pleasing, safe and easy to manage court options!

Give Your Residents the Best

Safety first. Every time.

Young girl about to hit tennis ball with racquet

Safety first. Every time.

We know that the safety of your residents is your top priority, so that’s why we make it ours too. Although some injuries are inevitable, with Sport Court’s low-abrasive material, patented Lateral Forgiveness™ and customizable shock absorption, you can rest assured that everyone who utilizes the spaces we create are as safe and protected as possible.

55+ Communities

55+ Communities

With the rise in popularity of pickleball in the 55+ community, what better way to encourage outdoor activity and exercise than installing a top-of-the-line pickleball or tennis court into your complex? Give your residents a space where they can enjoy time in the outdoors with their loved ones and live an active, healthy lifestyle!

Health Benefits of Athletic Play

Find the court that suits their needs

Give your residents a reason to plant roots. Enhancing your residential offerings is easy when you have a state-of-the-art court ready for your residents to use! Who wouldn’t want to live within walking distance to a beautiful court? Provide your residents with an outdoor offering that is just too good to pass up.


Response HG™

As The Official Playing Surface of the NCAA Volleyball Championships and USA Volleyball National Teams, our flooring is tested by champions. We provide superior performance, optimal traction and shock absorption for athletes of any level. Save money with low life-cycle costs. We can install your court in as little as 3 days.

Father and son playing pickleball

SportGame PB™

The ideal surface for pickleball players of all abilities. SportGame PB™ retrofits over most hard surfaces and outlasts conventional acrylic courts. SportGame PB™ is Sport Court’s revolutionary new surface that has been engineered specifically for the game of Pickleball.

Two teenage children playing basketball against each other

Sport Base™

SportBase™ is made from 100% recycled material and specifically created for use under a Game Court system. SportBase™ proves that it’s what’s underneath that counts.

Green golf court

Putting Greens

The Challenger SPPG turf utilizes the K29 stabilized multi-layered woven polypropylene primary backing. Details: The fiber is 100% polypropylene, the fiber mass is 6000 denier, tufted pile height is 1.125”, tuft gauge is 3/8” and comes in widths of 15’. This product was designed and engineered for short game greens, putting greens and target green...

Basketball going into hoop


You want the best in performance and safety, you need a Sport Court hoop system. With corrosion protection and the ability to adjust height for players of all ages, these tempered glass backboards give you pro-level rebounds.

A person playing basketball at night with court lights on


You shouldn’t have to get off your court when the sun goes down. With a Sport Court Light System, you won’t have to. With single or double headed light solutions, you can play safely beyond the sunset.

Indoor Gym space

Indoor Gym space

When looking for a condo or apartment complex that suits everyone’s needs, most buyers look for above and beyond amenities like pools, lobby coffee shops and gyms on the property. Another way to wow your current and future residents is to give them the financial convenience of having a gym an elevator or golf cart ride away. Equip the gym with a floor that will last and stand up to all the medicine ball slams and jumping jacks to come!

The Family Who Works Out Together

Why Us?

Give your residents the gift of exercise and outdoor activity with our state-of-the art, safe and visually appealing athletic courts. Increase your condo’s offerings with a Sport Court surface today! 

Local: Our courts are made locally, and will continue to remain local for years to come.

Quick: Installation can happen in as little as five days without any smelly glues or adhesives.

Safe: Variable shock absorption, low skin abrasion and our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ to help reduce joint stress and fatigue, and keep your people safe.

Customizable: You can choose the level of shock absorption to truly match your needs.

Low-maintenance: Keeping your court clean is a breeze with a quick dry mop and occasional auto-scrub.

Protected: We provide you with a 15 or 20-year warranty. The best in the industry!

Affordable: Resurfacing is not needed for 15+ years, saving you money over time.

Adaptable: Our courts can be used for a variety of sports, allowing you to have unlimited versatility and giving your residents a one-of-a-kind experience every single time.

Hear from hundreds of satisfied builders and residents

When you trust us to build the court of your dreams, only guaranteed satisfaction awaits!

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Cherie | Hingham, MA

"We are loving our new sports court! Our kids and their friends have spent endless hours using it. We appreciate all your work to get it installed quickly and making it so easy to do."

Andrea H. | Cohasset, MA

Sport Court was a pleasure to work with. We needed our basketball hoops replaced under a tight deadline and they managed to get everything done quickly for us. They communicated with us regularly and made it a super easy process for us. Would highly recommend.

Alex S.| Foxboro, MA

My family and I couldn't be happier with Sport Court MA and John. We had our court installed in Spring 2020. We had received quotes from two different companies (I won't name the other). Prices came in quite similar but John had much more experience, was a much better communicator, and was very professional.John helped walk us through the Sport Court designing process and gave us feedback and tips along the way. He was very patient with us, for example when we weren't sure which shade of green to go with for the sport court tiles he sent us many pictures he had in his files of both shades of green (we ended up loving the colors we went with). John communicated with us during the entire process, sending us emails, texts, phone calls, etc. There was never any guessing on our end what phase of the build we were in or what was coming next.Any questions or concerns we had, John was INCREDIBLY responsive. I've worked with many contractors over the years and 90% of the time the contractors are very difficult to work with and will get every dollar out of you that they can. John/Sport Court MA is NOT one of those contractors - he was incredibly fair and considerate.We've had the sport court for almost a year now and it has been one of the best purchases we've made. It gets the kids outdoors - they use it on a daily basis and for hours. We've played roller hockey, basketball, tennis, pickleball, ice skating, ice hockey, dodgeball, and so many other games out there. We had it built for the kids, but the adults have used it just as much! We are so happy we decided to make this purchase and so happy we went with Sport Court MA and John.


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