Keeping Up with your Grandchildren

November 1, 2022

Grandchildren are a blessing … until they get bored!

There are lots of fun ways to keep the next generation engaged and active – and all of them involve building that special connection with the newest leaves on the family tree.

Share your stories

Let your grandchild in on your favorite memories and activities. They might not know that you were the star of your high school sports team or that you joined a dance group after starting your first job or that your friends call you “Spare” because that was the only score you could roll in bowling. It will delight both of you if they share an interest in one of your passions.

Ask about their stories 

They may be young, but it’s likely that there is a lot going on in those little heads. Ask them about their favorite things to do but remember that it is helpful to be specific. “What do you like to play after school? What is an indoor activity you like? An outdoor favorite? Have you tried any new games at recess or in gym class?” Bring up the rules and ask how it works.  After collecting some answers you can ask THEM to teach YOU a new activity. They will love showing their favorite grandparent how to play kickball with the rules that they made up with friends, or pretending to be flying blue ponies from the North Pole. Whatever they dream up, you can become a part of it.

Try something new together

Do some research! Maybe there’s a new dance that everyone at camp is doing and they want to learn it too. This could be a good time to try an unfamiliar sport: badminton, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee…  be prepared to laugh at each other and accept mistakes – you will both be learning!


The most important step is the first one. Reaching out to your grandchild lets them know that you are interested in who they are. In turn, they may reach back, feeling comfortable enough to ask questions about you. Out of these interactions will blossom a relationship that ascends generations.