Family Fun During March Madness

March 1, 2018

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With March Madness starting this week it’s fun and easy to get your family involved in the excitement!  Whether you have a group of basketball enthusiasts or some that may have just a casual interest, this is a great way to include everyone involved in the excitement.

Have each member of your family complete a tournament bracket – the person with the most correct team picks after the National Championship game is the winner!  The winning prize can be as simple as bragging rights or may be something more extravagant like cash. During these cold days of winter, this could really spice things up at home!  For prize ideas, think of things that your children would be interested in.  A few ideas for prizes are: the winner of the contest gets to choose the restaurant the next time your family goes out for dinner and maybe the runner up gets to choose dessert, the winner could choose the next family movie, the winner doesn’t need to do chores for a week – the options are limitless!

This March Madness activity encourages family members to be more interested in watching the games and following the outcomes.  Who knows – this may even turn out to be a fun family bonding event that becomes a tradition!  Even if the kids are too young to know much about the game or the teams involved, they can base their tournament bracket choices on the team’s name or the team’s mascot.  The NCAA Tournament is very exciting because the progress of the teams can be surprising and random at times.  You might find that the youngest participant makes the best choices!   Structure the rules as loosely as you like or you can do a Google search to see how other group pools handle things.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1.  Find a printable NCAA tournament bracket like this one.

2. Give each family member a bracket form to record their team picks. Help your younger March Madness Fans with their selections by reading out the team names that are facing off and let them decide who will be the winner.

3. Once all the forms have been completed, announce who each family member has predicted will go to the Final Four and who they have winning it all.

4. After each round is over, update the points on each bracket and let everyone know who is in the lead.  The bracket forms can be front and center on the fridge or someplace where everyone can check their progress.

5. At the end of the madness, be sure that the winner is presented with the prize!