9 Amazing Ways to Transform your Backyard with a Sport Court

November 28, 2022

This summer is unlike any other in our history. In some ways it is a flashback to simpler times when children and adults alike are escaping to the refuge of their backyards for some fun and relaxation. With so many entertaining sporting events on hold for the foreseeable future, maybe it’s time to consider transforming that extra space in your backyard into something usable that can get your whole family active again and safely outdoors!

Now is the perfect time to “cut the cord” on your family’s love of electronics and get back to some old school fun, whether you are just learning a sport or have been playing for years and want to hone your skills. Sport Court of Massachusetts has been building backyard and commercial courts for over 20 years in Massachusetts and throughout the New England region. From backyard game courts to college & universities, high-school gyms, and facilities, Sport Court builds high quality, safe courts designed to bring out your athletes’ potential and provide hours of active fun.

9 amazing ways to transform your backyard with a Sport Court

After months of quarantine many young athletes are eager to get back out there to practice the sport they fell in love with as a child. Depending upon your sport preferences, your family can completely transform an area of your backyard this summer from a “ho-hum” typical backyard to one that will be the envy of all your neighbors and friends. Here are 9 ways you can transform your home with a Sport Court.

Two friends playing basketball


Give your family a “slam dunk” gift with a backyard basketball court. Whether your family likes to play a little hoop after dinner or your kids love to practice their dribbling skills with friends, a basketball court is one of the best choices, and our top pick for backyard installations this year. Whether you want to have a spirited pickup game, a one-on-one, or maybe organize a neighborhood tournament, a basketball court will give your family hours of fun and some great exercise.

Sport Court can install a high-performance basketball surface in your backyard that reduces shock, delivers excellent traction and ball response, and can be customized with team colors and logos. Add some lighting for night ball and you have instant entertainment for all ages and abilities all year long. We can customize the size and design of your court to fit your yard and needs. You can even add your family’s logo!

SportCourt Court Builder


Do all the members of your family feel passionately about different sports? Maybe your son loves shooting hoops, your daughter is a soccer phenom, and mom and dad are avid tennis players? How do you satisfy all the interests of all the people in your family? Our versatile Multi-sport Court may be the answer you are looking for. You can fully customize your MultiSport Court with ease utilizing our custom Sport Court builder.

If your family enjoys a basketball game together but wants to switch to pickleball later in the day, this style of Sport Court may be the best choice for your active family. This custom court can be designed with flexibility in mind knowing that many families have multiple sport interests and their court needs to be able to shift from one to the other easily. From tennis and pickleball, to basketball and futsal, your court can be designed to fit your needs and give you hours of fun!


As one of the fastest growing recreational sports in North America, the game of Pickleball is truly a phenomenon. This sport is taking our region by storm. Invented in 1965, this paddle sport is played with a wiffle ball, on a badminton-size court, and using a tennis-style net. One of the best things about this emerging sport is that it appeals to people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. The rules are simple, the equipment is nominal, and players catch on very quickly to this sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.

Many of our clients rave about this sport in that it combines so many aspects of other sports, and yet, can be played by old, young, novices or experienced players. It truly is a sport for the whole family. What better way to get your family out, playing together and enjoying the outdoors? Contact us today to learn more about installing a pickleball court in your backyard.

Family playing tennis


For centuries tennis has been a beloved sport around the globe. Even in its earliest form, players were able to enjoy the outdoors while getting a great workout. Just like its cousin, pickleball, this sport is easy to pick up and can accommodate all levels of skills and abilities as well as single or double players. Choose to add a tennis hitboard or rebounder to the court and your children can use it to practice their different strokes and serves.

A Sport Court designed for tennis can be customized for your yard and needs. You choose the colors and we install in short order. Our new color technology and patented UV protection allows for the most vibrant, fade-resistant colors available. Your family will enjoy years of tennis and the Sport Court guarantee.

image of putting green


If your short game needs some serious work, or you just enjoy practicing your chips and putts, a Sport Court Putting Green may be a dream come true. Who wouldn’t love to wake up every morning and enjoy their coffee while sinking a few putts before work?

Our putting greens can be installed in an area that works for your yard and is guaranteed to hold up under all sorts of weather. Our environmentally-friendly synthetic turf area will increase the aesthetics of your landscape and increase the value of your yard immensely. You will see your golf game, and maybe your handicap, improve with this addition to your backyard.

image of batting cage 70 Needham


What’s more American than the sport of baseball? If your kids love the game, like so many in our region do, they may want to increase their bat speed, improve their stance, and practice their swing. A backyard batting cage can allow for personal player development on so many levels.

In addition to working with you on whether your batting cages should have permanent or retractable netting, we can work with you on designing a pitching mound to work on their delivery as well as add ons such as lighting and decor.

image of volleyball court 30x50 Wayland

7.) Volleyball Courts

Are your kids some of the 37 million Americans that follow and play the sport of volleyball? If so, you may be looking to install a safe and professional volleyball court in your backyard to keep them practicing.

We are proud to report that Sport Court has been the official supplier for the USA Volleyball national teams since 1989, and the only surface used for the NCAA Volleyball Championships since 1993. If your home could benefit from one of our high quality and safe courts, talk to our team about how we can custom design a court that will work for your family, yard, and budget.

Children playing roller hockey


What do hockey lovers do during the off season? Well first, is there ever an off season anymore? Second, they play in a roller rink, of course!

If your hockey player loves the sport so much and wants to get in more “ice” time during the warmer months, a backyard roller hockey court may be a wise choice for your budding NHL player. Our modular flooring was specially designed to handle your most aggressive turns, jump-stops, and slides. It provides a smooth, fast and fun surface for all the hockey action you crave.

Children playing Futsal

9.) A Futsal Court

If your soccer-loving family has not been turned on to this fast-paced soccer related cousin yet, you will quickly fall in love with this hot, new sport. A futsal court in your backyard can turn a foot-trodden grass lawn into a smooth, flat surface that provides true ball roll and bounce.

Futsal is perfect for the backyard soccer-loving kids with its small sided, quick footwork games. Practice foot skills, passing, and maneuvers on these hard surfaced courts that provide hours of play time with friends of teammates. Develop your soccer confidence and join the growing futsal community with the installation of one of these courts in your yard.

Now, more than ever, Americans are looking for ways to safely go out and enjoy the sports and interests they have grown so fond of over the years. Whether you find joy in basketball, tennis, pickleball, golf, volleyball, hockey, or futsal, our team can work with you to custom design a Sport Court of your choosing. We will work with your budget and yard configuration to create a space where you and your family can enjoy years of entertainment in your own backyard and add value to your home at the same time!