Roller Sports & Hockey Courts

Indoor Roller Hockey Courts
Rock and Roll on your Sport Court roller hockey court. Our Defense modular flooring was specially designed to handle your most aggressive turns, jump-stops, and slides, providing a smooth, fast, fun surface for all the hockey action you can handle.

  • Tight seams to handle high-torque slides and cuts
  • Smooth, flat surface keeps the ball or puck moving fast

Outdoor Roller Hockey Courts
Reduce the wear and tear from skating on asphalt and concrete to both your body and your equipment. Sport Court of Masachusetts surface offer ideal traction and shock absorption for the outdoor Roller Hockey enthusiast.

  • Increased safety over concrete and asphalt
  • Strong and durable surface backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Easy to install and maintain

In addition to designing and installing indoor and outdoor roller hockey courts, our CourtBuilders™ also specialize in backyard basketball courts, multi-sport game courts, volleyball courts, futsal courts, tennis courts, netball courts, handball courts, and putting greens.

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  • NCAA
  • USAV
  • VC
  • FIVB
  • ITF
  • AFC
  • US Soccer Foundation
  • USTA
  • NBA Jam Session
  • FIBA