• School Gym Flooring

    For 40 years Sport Court has delivered children a safe, fun, multi-purpose place to play. We know the importance of giving your school a gym floor solution that lets you stay flexible, delivers safety and performance, while keeping your maintenance costs low.

  • Parks & Recreation Sports Flooring

    New sports, games and forms of recreations are constantly appearing. You need maximum versatility and durability when adding or refurbishing recreation facilities like outdoor basketball courts,  tennis courts or gym floors. But what if you could also add safety, performance and stay eco-friendly too, while keeping your maintenance costs low?

    Whether you are interested in retrofitting an existing tennis court or gymnasium, or building a new sports complex, our dedicated CourtBuilders™ have 40 years of experience.

  • Church & Faith Facilities Flooring

    Where many people gather, there is always a need for durable and “multi-tasking” floor surfaces. At Sport Court Massachusetts, we deliver multi-purpose gym floors that go from gathering place, to performance hall, to sports/activity venue over the course of the day, while still looking great.

    Our CourtBuilders™ help you design a solution that delivers maximum benefit for your community, and then can install it in as little as three days so you have little down time.

  • Community Center Gym Floors

    Sport Court Massachuesetts is proud to offer an array of gym floor and outdoor surface solutions that withstand heavy use and a broad spectrum of weather and climate variations that are eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

  • Sport Clubs & Training Facility Gym Flooring

    Whether your own a Tennis / Racquet Club, Futsal Club, or Volleyball Club, Sport Court gym flooring is for your clientele.

    For 40 years, Sport Court has partnered with leading sports organizations to create surfaces that deliver outstanding performance and maximize the athletes playing life, all while minimizing the cost to the facility. Our synthetic suspended gym floor surfaces are tough enough to be the official flooring for hundreds of sports events, while still providing the performance standards required by the NCAA, USTA, USA Volleyball, FIBA and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

  • Pay For Play Gym Floors

    Facility construction can be a daunting task and our certified CourtBuilders™ are here to help you.

    If you plan to host a variety of activities or a variety of teams, you need basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, futsal courts, roller hockey courts, netball courts, and handball courts from Sport Court of Massachuetts. Our product line delivers consistent ball play and provides shock-absorbent characteristics to help reduce injuries.  Plus, our multi-sport courts make programing a breeze.

  • Event Flooring

    Sport Court of Massachusetts basketball courts and athletic surfaces are the number one choice of sports leagues, national governing bodies, convention centers and corporate sponsors looking for a rapid install, quickly removable flooring solution that delivers high-performance and safety.

  • International Facility Gym Floors

    Sport Court is the world’s oldest, most established modular sports flooring specialist. We lead the industry in outdoor athletic surface innovation. From futsal court installations in a US school, to a school in the desert of Egypt, to a basketball gymnasium in Central America, Sport Court surfaces deliver the highest level of safety and performance.

  • Hotel & Resort Gym Flooring

    Outdoor Court, Tennis Court, Fitness Floor, Dance Floor

    You need maximum versatility and durability when adding or refurbishing recreation facilities. Whether you need a temporary dance floor for your ballroom, a basketball court or putting green for your guests or a new tennis court facility for the health club, Sport Court of Massachusetts surfaces provide the best looking surfaces for your needs.

  • Fitness Studios Fitness Flooring

    Fitness instructors, dancers and athletes will be impressed with how comfortable and durable your facility is with Sport Court of Massachusetts aerobic and dance flooring.  Our aerobic floors and dance flooring has a urethane finish that creates an elegant look while being durable and long lasting.

    Sport Court of Masachusetts’ fitness flooring can typically be installed in two to three days and since it does not glue or nail down to the subfloor, you can take your floor with you if you ever move or change locations. Contact us to find out more about getting Sport Court in your fitness studio today.


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